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Time to email the Broward County Commission

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The Broward County Commission posted the agenda of their meeting scheduled for September 10th at 10 a.m. During this meeting they will be approving to schedule a public hearing for October 6th to decide on the application by 13th Floor Homes to change the land use of The Woodlands golf courses and build 398 homes. The pandemics is not over, and the risks associated with infection by a lethal virus is the same if not higher. They did not want to expose the residents to unnecessary risk by gathering in the chambers to give public testimony back in March. What did change? This only benefits the redeveloper while stripping away our right to present our argument in person. Our future quality of life and the main reason to invest and live in The Woodlands will be snatched from us and transmitted over the Internet as a reality show video.

Please click the link below to start an email for the Commission of the Broward County and canvass for not having the public hearing in October. If you decide to send it as is, please add at the end your name and address so they identify you as a resident of Broward. You can also add more arguments or totally change the body of the email before sending it. Send them as soon as possible to make sure they are all added to the agenda of the September 10th meeting.

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