“This is the new normal until likely July”, take care for yourself to ensure you protect others

A few hours ago, the President was happy to see that the journalists were practicing social distancing during the new guidelines announced advising that all Americans avoid gatherings of more than ten people and avoid eating or drinking in restaurants and public food courts.

“This is the new normal until likely July”, as per The President, to reach the flattening of the contagion curve sooner, but the Federal Government is not considering a nationwide quarantine for the moment.

We recommend you to stay home and invest time to enjoy the open green space for meditation, for a walk outside, take lots of deep breaths and keep your distance. Also don’t miss to discover the small amazing life miracles happening incessantly while you are out there.

Social distancing means keeping a safe distance from others and avoiding gathering spaces. Also wash your hands before you try to reach out to your faces. We all need to focus on protecting each other from being hospitalized. The US (and Europe) are right now in the rising part of the curve of detected cases and the experts are sure we will remain there for the next two weeks because the containment measures take a while to have an effect, the good news is that the rising trend can be opposed – China had only 11 new cases on March 14th.

Young people can also get severely ill so don’t underestimate it and be careful. Keep in mind that by taking care of yourself you are also protecting people with heart issues, diabetes or cancer that are at a particularly high risk. Older people are also a vulnerable group.

We wrote an email to the all the Broward Commissioners and the County Administrator suggesting that, in the interest of minimizing the contagion risks and in sync with the cancellation of events and social distancing being implemented by multiple organizations in the nation, they would agree to postponing the Public Hearing planned for March 31, 2020 at 10a.m. We have followed up with calls to the offices of the Broward County Mayor Dale V.C. Holness, of District 1 Commissioner Nan Rich and of the County Administrator Bertha Henry. As of today, they continue looking into it.

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