The Power of The Woodlands Community Engagement

If you could take a weekday off from the office to casually navigate the network of human connections of my community it will be worthwhile, especially if you want to learn to strengthen its cohesion. I am happy that I had to, because although on the dark side a whole weekend of backlog awaits, the bright side was a blessing. I did indulge in lots of excitement, bonding, comradery, solidarity and candor. I tapped into pure energy encapsulated in my community’s engagement. It was like igniting a fuse that sent sparkling flames in multiple directions. I learned more about my neighbors and how they see me, I was trusted with new friends and given little glimpses of their lives most times accompanied with some love from their pets. Everyone cheered for my success. Thanks for your support.

I was able to gather and deliver the thirty signatures by 3:30 p.m. because you generously gave me some of your Friday with very short notice. At the 2020 WHOA Annual Meeting, there will be an actual election by the people. I will be in the ballot for a board position as member at large. Jeffrey Shapiro will also be in the ballot, he was more structured in his approach and delivered the signatures one day in advance of the deadline. There are four positions as board members at large in the WHOA,

Jeffrey and I hope to refresh two of them.

Please save the date and participate, quorum is necessary.

Woodlands Homeowners Association (WHOA) Annual Meeting

February 10, 2020 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Section 7 Clubhouse

5700 Mulberry Drive

Tamarac, 33319

Thanks for a great Friday 01-10-2020 my dear neighbors, for your prompt responses, your support, your confidence and your sincere best wishes.

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