The city does not care about what we have to say.

Who would have guessed? During the 05/27/2020 Tamarac Commission Meeting, Mike Gelin, the commissioner of district 2, requested the city to conduct an independent survey of the residents of The Woodlands to unveil the truth about their position towards the redevelopment of the golf courses. Only Marlon Bolton, commissioner of district 1, supported, and seconded Gelin’s motion, but the vote was 3-2 against the survey. The mayor and the commissioners of districts 3 and 4 dedicated a few minutes to bash the need of the survey, the same three commissioners that already voted in favor of the rezoning in July of 2019, and disregarded the need to give the residents a voice. They confirmed to be fine with just having the developer meet with the community ten days before the second public hearing, when they will approve the site plan and the faith of The Woodlands will be dictated.

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