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No bagels for me, I live in a garden

No bagels for me, I am fond of the garden we’ve been given as our home. It was created, as everything else, by divine inspiration for the wellness of mankind with trees and wildlife pleasing the eye and nurturing a purified lifestyle. All could bath forever in this fountain of eternal youth, but if you still want to take a bite out of that tree of bagels, you know where they are as it has been pointed to you. To those that don’t want to eat dust and see your lifestyle crawling belly down to the utmost limit, please join us for the Broward County Planning Council on 01/23/2020 at 10 a.m. in the Broward County Governmental Center, Room 422.

As per the information provided in their web site:

The Broward County Planning Council is a truly multi-jurisdictional planning agency. The fundamental role of the Council is to promote coordinated, comprehensive, long-range planning throughout Broward County through the joint cooperation and participation of all local governments, public officials and private citizens”.

The County Planning Council has twenty members:

  1. Mayor Daniel J. Stermer, City of Weston, chairs the council

  2. Thomas H. DiGiorgio, Jr., Elector, is the vice chair of the council (Development, Architect & Designer, Partner & Co-Founder)

  3. Patricia Good, Secretary School Board of Broward County, is the School Board Member

  4. Brion Blackwelder, Elector (Director, Children and Families Clinic & Associate Professor of Law)

  5. Mayor Rex Hardin, City of Pompano Beach

  6. Commissioner Richard S. Blattner, City of Hollywood

  7. Chad Maxey, Elector

  8. Robert Breslau, Elector (Chief Development Officer and Board Director STILES)

  9. Commissioner Bernie Parness, City of Deerfield Beach

  10. Commissioner Felicia Brunson, City of West Park (from her city’s web site: “A gallant champion for the people, Felicia Mychele Brunson decided early in her life that she was going to be the change she wanted to see in her community and the world”)

  11. Jackie Railey, Elector

  12. Commissioner Angelo Castillo, City of Pembroke Pines

  13. Commissioner Nan H. Rich, Broward County Board of County Commissioners

  14. Denise Birdsong Fernandez, Elector

  15. David Rosenof, Elector (from the Big Dog web site: “Dave Rosenof, MBA, CGC, LEED AP, PMP is the Alpha Male at Big Dog Construction Services”)

  16. Mayor Michelle J. Gomez, City of Tamarac

  17. Mayor Michael J. Ryan, City of Sunrise

  18. Mary D. Graham, Elector (Architect)

  19. Commissioner Beverly Williams, City of Lauderdale Lakes (from her city’s web site: “Commissioner Beverly Williams is well known throughout her community for her energetic leadership and willingness to give back. Her passion is her love of gardening. She took the Master Gardening Course at the University of Florida, and is now a Certified Florida State Master Gardener”)

  20. Richard Grosso, Elector (Professor of Law)

After the Planning Council, the proposal to rezone the public green spaces of The Woodlands Golf courses and to change the use to residential will go to the Broward County Commission, please make it personal, express how it will affect you and your family, ask them to stop this nonsense and send your letters and emails to the Broward County Commission as soon as possible.

The Board of the County Commission has nine members:

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