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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

A 10-year-old tree removes 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and releases enough oxygen to keep two people alive. Also, 6 thousand long-lived trees are needed to offset the carbon dioxide emanated by 800 cars. Many trees in The Woodlands should be deemed venerable since they have been there since the community was first developed. Undoubtedly, key components of a century-long evolving scenic that architects Robert Von Hagge and Bruce Devlin embedded in their design of the two par 72 golf courses. But instead, they will be yanked from the roots ending a heritage of beauty and wellbeing. The demise of these trees will be induced a century too early because they have been regarded as collateral casualty by 13th Floor Homes. The pinnacle exaltation of purely materialistic values, a never-ending disregard of the environmental damage and the decline of the wellbeing of the individual and the society to favor exclusive monetary gains. These witnesses to three or four generations of residents of The Woodlands have refreshing broad shades, fruits that are appetizing to amazing creatures, an enormous purifying power and a natural longevity greater than 150 years. They set themselves apart by their size and rapid growth that restrict where they can progress to full maturity. Trees like these, that achieve more than half potential are uncommon.

And here they come for the ones that must be praised as a tangible linkage to the history of The Woodlands Country Club. I would like to ask to those who care that, if you want, we can bring together the green to City Hall and start communicating with our representatives as we enter the premises. Furthermore, while we walk our communities, we can show at unison our passion for the defense of long-lived trees and prospering wildlife corridors. Let us draw the attention quickly while we still have natural spaces left to preserve.

Let us wear our cause to the Tamarac City Commission

Follow the link to order your battle t-shirt before August 5th, 2021.

They will be all printed together and delivered by August 23rd, 2021.

Follow the link and dress to defend!

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