Frequently asked questions

Why was the Woodlands Defense Fund created?

To represent the homeowners that oppose, for a variety of reasons, the current proposal to redevelop the two golf courses in The Woodlands into more than 400 units of tract housing. A clear majority of the homeowners that is discontent with the support given to the developer by the elected city officials and the board of directors of the WHOA corporation, and since the incumbent elected representatives and community leaders would not champion the views and concerns of the majority of the homeowners, then the Woodlands Defense Fund was required to fill that gap.

Who is the Woodlands Defense Fund?

The Woodlands Defense Fund was started by concerned homeowners from different sections of The Woodlands. The board of directors is formed by Jeff Smoley, Chris Lips, Stanley Tracey, Ernesto Perez and Jose Spena.

Where do donations go?

All donations will be used to pay legal and expert representation, throughout the different steps of the rezoning process, in order to preserve quality of life, to protect an astounding natural area and the wildlife that prospers in it, and to avoid safety and property risks during and after the construction.

How do I make a donation to the Woodlands Defense Fund?

Go to the call to action page and click on the donate button, you can donate with PayPal, credit or debit card: You can also donate a check payable to Defend The Woodlands Corporation and mail it to: 102 NE 2nd Street #119 Boca Raton, FL 33432

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