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Help us preserve quality of life!

Be Heard!

Email the mayor and commissioners. Let them know immediately that you oppose the rezoning and redevelopment of The Woodlands.


City of Tamarac Representatives:
Mayor:       Mayor Michelle J. Gomez  
District 2:    Commissioner Mike Gelin  
District 1:    Commissioner Marlon Bolton
District 3:    Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos
District 4:    Commissioner Debra Placko

Broward County Representative:
District 1:    Commissioner Nan H. Rich

Tell Your Friends!

Our biggest advantage is strength in numbers. The more people know about our efforts the stronger our voice will be heard.

Show Up!

Join us in all the events convoked by our team to display and proclaim opposition to the rezoning and redevelopment of the recreational green space in The Woodlands.

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